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'Under the Hood' - Working to Maramataka (missing lectures!!)

Yessssss! Found (given) a beautiful log of Totara this morning. Took about an hour to dig it out, drag into the lake and then float back to the van - so worth it. Harry Partch was suggested to me last week by Martin - what an amazing artist! (both Harry and Martin)...good vibes for wazza. Anna brought up a great question that has been playing in my mind "Why a drum?" ...hmmm yep ancient, yep accessible, yep ritual...but I'm now thinking of adding to the potentials. In that one question, ka tuwheratia taku hinengaro - i felt granted license to explore more, so thanks Sis! I missed lectures today; looking at my iCal and the weather, my decision to make the most of today and gather materials surpassed class sorry...and there it lay...slightly buried in the fine gravel 'beach' of Wairarapa moana. I've also been reading some MFA draft proposals from last year; some I connect with, others not so much. I can hear both Julieanna and Shannon saying "Be yourself" which is cool but I'm wanting to challenge myself without trying to sounding like someone else to pass a paper or impress other humans. Never was really about that anyways. Funny education system we're in though - Impress the panel of judges that are judging you and compete for 1st place in everything...Naaa it's cool. Im good thanks. I'm going to just compete with myself thanks and judge and challenge myself thanks...lots of cool shit though. Cool how the exegesis should directly reflect' my practice; rather should compliment it - I just figured out how I might frame that whilst wading thigh deep in paru nitrogenated wai...we'll get there wai - don't you worry.

So i did the Rātā karakia and all went well. I was thinking while dragging through the wai "If the ātua didn't want me to have this massive Totara log, then surely they'd send a taniwha or a wheke my way and drown me?" .... so far so good and I better get back to work...apologies again for missing lecture this morning and crits - had to work to maramataka and it's paid off.

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