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Te ihihi!!

The above refers to my excitement at starting my MFA journey today. Workshops listening to what our tuakana (2nd year students) have been working on and giving us 1st years an insight into the qualitative expectations of MFA output. One thing i notice is how my academic voice has developed. I am enjoying this (not to sound wanky or pretentious) but moreso adding to my limited vocab. As a song writer I love the experimentation and play with words. Like notes, melodies and drum patterns, words affect the listener in some emotive cerebral way and it's an individual experience. I remember a music critique giving us grief at the title of one of our TrinityRoots songs 'Musings of a cloud.' - he hated it... others love it. Anyways that'll do for today. Just seeing if this bloggy thingy works. Xie xie.

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