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Marcus Moore; The Readymade & Marcel Duchamp, 13 Sept

"We spew and it's great!" - Marcus Moore. Encouraging non-filtering, so here we go...The readings were more my style; succinct but insightful, so I felt like I was holistically prepped for today's korero. Within seconds I was put into that somewhat familiar space of doubt and insecurities. Marcus being the soft spoken amicable human he imbues, guided me through obstacles and questions of "what's the point of this Ready made shit?" but actually I found plenty of 'points' in his generosity and applicable footholds that I am already looking forward to theorising on my own shit..I mean 'works'. Some of Duchamps work like the chocolate wrapper, I didn't really resonate with - it felt like artist challenging elite curators and elite art patrons to find something meaningful in something maundane (which any sentient being can do if they're not too busy trying to pay the bills and feed kids...or pay tertiary fees ;-) I aligned with Duchamps detest or argument that 'Art' should not just be retinal or occular. I'm wondering what the musical parallel of this idea might look/sound/feel like? i have images of the wind blowing across Phil Dadson's 'Akau Tangi' situated on the way to Wellington airport or his 'SPida Nebula'. The latter synchronous with 'Ready made' objects. Not being about the object; more about the shadow or perophery I enjoyed. BUt in music, what is that? Is it the reverb after a note has finished, or is it the resonance in conversation long after the concert has finished? And who decides that that discussion becomes the 'art work'? I would wonder how Duchamp would fair in today's time of proliferation with his 'Fountain'...I believe he was fortunate with his temporal presentation and gutsy but I don't think people would bat an eyelid these days...Could this photo that I took at lunch today be considered an amazing work of Ready Made art?

"No Wazza - you haven't invested any love (time and energy) into this image. I think this is leading towards my super hyper-loathing at certain aspects of the music industry. Quick cheap 3 minute 'songs' ..'produced' by a 'Producer' - cheap and worthless, but not to an unsuspecting Post-Millenial who has been conditioned to think that Katey Perry and Mac Demarco are the only 'artists' work praying to... Design vs art..Pop vs Non-Pop. Post-modernism, Post-Humanism..there is no term of this time of proliferation..what about 'Post-Proliferation?'. A good session that has given me something to intellectualise and historicise into the shadows around the peripheries.

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