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Kerry Anne-Lee May 3rd

Gosh! Kpow! Zamm Blamm! Wikachikkah Wowowowow!!!...and every other excited onomatopoeia thingy that I can think of...I just loved Kerry Anne's masterclass in Zines, punk and all things DIY. I was consciously re-imagining everything she was saying into a music kind of form e.g. the viewfinder concept; how could I translate that into a communal sonic approach to observing the forensics of sound or songs?..or the beautifully packaged zine making kit; could there be an analogue kit for making sounds/music? When she spoke of her studies at Wellington Polytechnic, it took me back to my own era of studies (the same decade) and I felt a parallel kinship with my band TrinityRoots - we had a very DIY mentality when we started out. Our posters were produced on the 'smell of an oily rag' and the best marketing was word of mouth.

When Kerry-Anne asked us to make something, I was reminded instantly of why I am not a sculptor - my offering of cut-out gold coins scattered amongst kauri seeds and then drowned in Cabots Furniture oil was a sad visual representation of an attempt at something political (which I am finding very predictable from my work). The idea of fan engagement (fanzine) and community involvement excited me. I was thinking "I wonder if I could start a Zine community in Featherston about Featherston issues rather than relying on BookFace for any South Wairarapa Council Bulletins?" ...I'm a bit busy for now but the zine seed has been planted. Thank you Kerry Anne Lee.

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