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Home Stretch Crit session.

Yeah that was a good one. Loved seeing everyone's work; taking me into the darkest crevices of ya'll's minds via ya'll's works. He he! But seriously, loved all the work and time that everyone had put in - some real mind blowing /altering works / artists...Always a pleasure to hear what all of our supervisors have to say; I love their ability to contradict each other or offer differing opinions. Sometimes this could be confusing or re-assuring for us as students, but I think holistically beneficial and affirming that art is subjective and at the end of the day it comes down to us but (as I found out) there may be some other aspects we're not aware of, so really great to hear/experience that kind of generosity. I'm already looking forward to next year, getting stuck into the experience of making instruments from natural materials, getting in my truck or a van with a whole bunch of people and going 'Bush' to appropriate materials from Te Taiao. Fuck did anyone else have HEAPS of hassles printing your essay as A5????!!!! Holy shit I think that was the most challenging thing this year! ...or frustrating at least. Although I gotta say it looks pretty sexy now. Ok all. Good luck everyone. You're all legends! Boom shugga lugga lugga Boom!

‘Choir of Bones’ - Found driftwood emanating frequency variances of 1-10Hz Aug 2019.

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